Paraffin wax for hands


This therapeutic procedure is aimed at regenerating and soothing the skin of the hands. During the treatment, the hands are immersed in melted paraffin, which is created from natural wax. The paraffin is heated to a comfortable temperature and forms a thin layer on the skin.

When the hands are immersed in the paraffin, the heat is transferred to the skin and the pores are opened. This helps to improve blood circulation, relax muscles and increase skin hydration. Paraffin also has healing properties that help relieve dryness, inflammation, irritation and pain in the hands. Removing paraffin also removes dead skin and leaves the skin feeling nourished, soft and rejuvenated.

A paraffin wax hand treatment is a pleasant experience that provides many benefits for the skin of the hands. It is suitable for anyone who suffers from dry skin, joint pain, arthritis or simply wants to relax and improve the appearance of their hands. The treatment is usually accompanied by a short massage or wraps to further enhance its effect.